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Fixed Cost Probate

Probate is generally invoked at stressful periods in our lives, when things haven't gone quite to plan.  Therefore it is a good option to consider using an impartial third party to administer this process and offer their experience and advice.

Here are a few scenarios where a probate adviser can add value:

  • The deceased died without a will, and left a complicated estate to administer.

  • The value of the estate is over the Inheritance Tax threshold.

  • The estate is still earning a regular income.

  • There are doubts about the validity of the will.

  • Some family members were deliberately left out of the will but who may want to make a claim on the estate.

  • The estate is bankrupt, or there are doubts about its solvency.

  • The estate includes foreign property or foreign assets.

  • The deceased resided outside the UK for tax purposes.

Banks and solicitors can typically charge between 3 and 6% for handling probate, plus an hourly rate. Omni provide a fixed cost package whereby, for a modest fee, we can guarantee probate fees at just 1.5% plus vat. 

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